Brian Davis, from Davis Foot Solutions, Inc., has given me back my quality of life. He has designed and made orthotics to allow me to walk, exercise, and do many other functions that my condition denied me. I am a 72 year old female with Cavus Deformity on both feet. The new materials and design has given me back the ability to function, no pain, and dreams of being able to be part of the active world again.

Thank you Brian

Kathleen Kramer


I had been plagued with foot muscle tendinitis for years. I thought my running days were over. I had tried every type of shoe insert out there and none of them worked. Then I met Brian Davis, PT, and he performed a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation and then fabricated me a pair of Custom Molded Hand Crafted Foot Orthotics. The difference was astounding! Within a few weeks, I was running again and the tendinitis in my foot was gone! Presently, I run 5-6 miles every other day and have been training for 5k road races. This would not be possible without Brian's orthotics. The key difference is that Brian's evaluation, measuring, and fabrication are all unique and customized. No other product out there compares.

Cynthia S.

I have been a most appreciative and satisfied customer of Brian Davis'. His custom fitted orthotics immediately helped to alleviate the pain and discomfort I was experiencing while playing basketball and other exercise activities. My orthotics are not only very durable but are quite comfortableas well and fit nicely in all of my sneakers and shoes.

Peter R.

Brian helped me rehabilitate from a serious knee operation some 25 years ago, and since has kept me walking with his approach to orthotics which is unparalleled! I have 3-pairs, keep them in my favorite shoes. Thank you Brian.

Dan A.

I was having tremendous pain in the ball of my right foot. The pain was so bad that exercise was impossible and even working the gas pedal while driving was extremely difficult.

I contacted Davis Foot Orthotic Solutions and on my first visit I was examined, diagnosed and given a pair of temporary test orthotics made specifically to my measurements and problem. In just a couple of days I was feeling much better and back to working out.

I have since received a pair of permanent custom made orthotics and I am all better. Thank you Brian.

I Highly recommend Davis Foot Orthotic Solutions. Caring. Healing.

Roy H.